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Color of 2017

 "Eye-Popping fuchsia,Zingy yellow and tropical green rules on summer and spring 2017 according to "Vogue", and "Pantone presents Greenery for 2017 as a symbol of new beginnings.Fresh and Zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when natures greens revive,restores and renew


Fashion trends of 2017

High Heels,Clean Classic sneakers,Skinny Stretch Jeans,Mules,Painterly Prints,Stripes, Are going to be fashion trends in this year,According to Elle.



Fashion Icons and the trends they made famous

 Fashion industry could not be where it is today without help of influential fashion icons,

Some of the most influential fashionistas and their trends are as below:

1-Adory Hupburn for her little black dresses

2-Elizabeth Taylor named as "Queen of Diamonds" for her collection

3-Grace Kelly for her iconic feminine dresses.Hermes renamed one of their purse designed as"The Kelly Bag"

4-Jacqueline Kennedy for her simple & chic style.She reshaped fashions view of conservatives clothes.

5-Lauren Bacall as princess of prints!